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MedFOB FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

How will EMTs or other First Responders know that I have a MedFOB?

EMTs are trained to look around your neck, wrist or in your wallet for emergency information.

You will also receive a MedFOB alert card to put in your wallet, purse or backpack. It’s recommended that you put it with your Driver’s License. The card alerts EMT’s and other First Responders that your medical information is available on your MedFOB.


What if the MedFOB doesn’t open automatically when I put it in my USB port?

It will take a few moments for MedFOB to load. If MedFOB doesn’t load on your screen within 20 seconds, it may be due to your security settings.

Simply go to "My Computer" and double left click on the MedFOB logo. Look for the file called "OpenMedFOBhere.exe" and double left click on it to open your MedFOB software.


Can I keep medical test records on my MedFOB?

Yes. This can be accomplished using a scanner, which most printers now have.

Create a file on your computer's hard drive called 'MedFOB Documents.' Scan documents of any kind to this folder and then transfer those files onto your MedFOB in the Documents section by clicking on "Edit Documents"

Also, many physicians and hospitals will give you test information electronically if you ask for it. You can then transfer it to your hard drive and then to your MedFOB.

You can also keep track of specific blood tests, blood pressure readings, and weight with the tabs on your MedFOB.


Do I need a scanner to use MedFOB?

No. You do not need a scanner to create your MedFOB medical record. However, you will need a scanner to convert hard copy documents to an electronic format in order to download them from your computer to your MedFOB.


Will MedFob work an Apple Macintosh Computer?

No. MedFOB is optimally designed to be used on the Windows VISTA and XP operating systems in order to take advantage of the automatic launch feature. At this time the product is not compatible with a Macintosh operating system.


Do I need an internet connection to use MedFOB?

No. Everything is self contained on the MedFOB so you don’t need an Internet connection to add, edit, or read the information on the MedFOB. However, if you have an internet connection and an email address we will be able to provide you with software upgrades and other MedFOB information once you register your MedFOB.


My MedFOB doesn’t work. What should I do?

In the unlikely case that your MedFOB does not work, please accept our sincere apologies. First, email us and describe the problem. If we cannot resolve it via email, we will gladly replace it at no charge during the one year warranty period.


How do I register my MedFOB warranty?

Click the 'Register' button in the MedFOB drive 'Tools' tab to register for your warranty. Registered MedFOB users will receive program upgrades as developed at no charge.


Is the MedFOB water resistant?

Yes, MedFOB is water resistant and can be worn while showering or swimming.


What if I lose my MedFOB?

If you have saved all your data on your computer’s hard drive (by using the "Backup Data" button in the "Tools" tab), just order a new MedFOB in our online store. Once you have inserted the new MedFOB into your USB port, the "Restore Data" in the "Tools" tab will re-write all your saved data to your new MedFOB. MedFOB is preloaded with programming data; therefore, an ordinary flash drive cannot be used.


I’d like to buy 5 or more MedFOBs. Is there special pricing?

Yes. Please email us for special pricing. Include the number of units you are planning to buy and where you would like them shipped.


Is there a large group purchase program?

Yes. Safety Officers, Human Resource Directors and other organization executives may purchase MedFOB units for their staff members and volunteers.

Please email us for complete details and resources such as pre-written newsletter articles and web copy that can be used to announce an organizational MedFOB program.


Where can I get my MedFOB?

You can order yours online right now at our online store.

Medical Records on a USB DriveOrder MedFOB Now

How does MedFOB insert in the computer?

Computer Insert Shot


What does the MedFOB software interface look like?

MedFOB Software InterfaceMedFOB Software Interface

MedFOB Software InterfaceMedFOB Software Interface

MedFOB Software InterfaceMedFOB Software Interface

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