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Fund Raising with MedFOB

Use MedFOB to raise money for an organization or special project…

A substantial incentive is offered to organizations that use MedFOB for fund raising. No inventory is required. All organizational orders are handled through the MedFOB website.

The MedFOB fund raising program can help support efforts of any health related group, medical support organization, wellness program, fire department, emergency medical and first responder groups as well as family fund raising efforts.

To participate, organizations are asked to actively inform their members and friends about the benefits of the MedFOB program. MedFOB will supply all of the necessary internet promotional materials and pre-written articles and photographs that can be used on an organization's website or in newsletters and other publications.

To learn more about this fund raising opportunity please complete this form:


Organization web site address:
Please tell us about your organization:

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