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Share MedFOB with a friend. MedFOB is great for any person you may know who has a medical condition and/or has an active lifestyle. It’s invaluable for foreign travelers, campers/hikers, RVers, students, independent living residents, construction workers and more.

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What People Are Saying About MedFOB

"This little piece of jewelry gives me a lot of peace of mind."

Akron, Ohio

"You can’t wait for the government and hospitals to computerize your health care records. That could take decades. I took care of it myself and now I've got my important medical information in an easy to access computer format."

Dallas, Texas

"Studies have shown that 80% of what a doctor relies on in making an accurate diagnosis comes from your history and your medical records."

Marie Savard, MD

"My friends think this necklace is cool but they’re amazed when they see that it’s a USB drive. But I know what it really is – a life saver."

Reno, Nevada

"I work in London about six months of the year. Then I’m back in the states. Now I’ve got my important medical information with me wherever I am."

London, England

"I was concerned about medical care for my daughter when she first went off to college. Now she wears a MedFOB necklace and I’m very glad because I wouldn’t be available to fill in the complicated details of her medical history if she were ever in an emergency situation."

New Haven, Connecticut

"We’ve been RVing since we retired and we each wear a MedFOB necklace. It’s an easy way to keep our medical information close at hand. And, it makes our kids more comfortable too as their parents rattle around the country."

Karl & Jennifer
Lincoln, Nebraska

"I get treatment at two hospitals.  One in Ohio, the other in Arkansas.  Now I can consolidate my medical information in a way that’s useful at both locations.

Heber Springs, Arkansas


MedFOB Personal Record Storage on a USB Micro Drive

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