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Your Lifeline In An Emergency
MedFOB USB Drive
The MedFOB drive and chain are available in silver or gold plate.

MedFOB is an emergency medical information storage system with your personal medical records on a miniature USB drive. The MedFOB medical flash drive gives paramedics and other first responders to an emergency immediate access to your critical medical information.

MedFOB helps you easily organize your detailed personal health record, medical profile and other documents.

You wear it like a piece of jewelry so you'll always have your computerized medical records ‘on board’ with your most critical medical information safely stored and organized for quick access by first responders and emergency room medical personnel.

Good looking yet rugged. Weather and water resistant. You'll never have to be without it. With MedFOB you'll always have your electronic medical records with you when you need them.

• Loaded with Life
   Saving Information

• Saves Time and
   Avoids Confusion

• Helps Organize Your
   Medical Records

People Who Use MedFOB People Who Use MedFOB People Who Use MedFOB People Who Use MedFOB

A life saving tool for anyone with a chronic medical condition

It’s invaluable for foreign travelers, campers/hikers, RVers, students, independent living residents, construction workers and more… Learn More

Peace of mind for caregivers, parents and loved ones

Plugs into any USB port in an ambulance or at the hospital.  Your medical information will be immediately available to medical personnel.

Easy to set up and ready to use in an emergency

No complex software to install. Just plug your MedFOB into your PC and complete the easy to use forms. Remove and keep it with you… Learn More

Always Carry Your Medical Information With You

In An Emergency The Right Information Can Make All The Difference

With MedFOB your emergency contact information, medical history, medications, allergies, medical test results such as your latest EKG, CAT Scan and MRI reports, copies of important medical documents and even your passport and driver’s license are ‘on board’ so you’ll have them when and where you need them.

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